Here at thE qUAntUm wOrmhOlE HQ we have a few projects on the go, from modding BBSes, drawing ANSI art to running an internet radio station.

I will now give you a quick overview of each of the projects, and link to any page or external site for references and/or the projects themselves.

Project NameProject DescriptionLink/URL
Johnny5Over the last few months I have been gradually adding more features to a bot I created to give MRC extra features, like currency conversion, some humour, to get what’s playing now and next on qUAntUm RaDio, to retrieve bible verses from an API, etc. You can get to use the bot in MRC from any BBS connected to the main MRC network.
ANSI artFor the last year and a bit I have been learning to draw ANSI art. On the BBS I have in the local ansi-art file area a collection of all my art from the first to the most recent, and you can see just how good (or not) I am getting as time progresses. It’s so much fun, and I have had a few pieces submitted to various art packs.

Check out for all the art I and others have made.
qUAntUm RaDio!This is my internet radio station dedicated to represent some of the very best in chiptune and tracker music, with a sprinkling of art scene radio talk shows thrown in for extra sugar.

It hosts tri-daily art scene talk radio shows such as The Impulse Project hosted by Ed Wilson and Brian Mosley, The Artscene Radio Talk Show hosted by RaD MaN and Spinsane, and Sample Central hosted by Cranksy. These are all pre-recorded, however in the future I anticipate having a live slot for a talk show each week.
Back to the BBSOkay so not actually my own project, but one that deserves all the support and love, and I have contributed to it also. Back to the BBS is a new documentary created by Alistair Ross in New Zealand, with the aim to showcase some of the very best that BBSing has to offer, with interviews from some well known SysOps (including me yay). This is a modern approach to a similar documentary about BBSing from 2004 by Jason Scott of One of the aims is to allow the younger generation see and enjoy what once was the only way, and pass on the torch to keep history alive.
Link to YouTube video