Well well well, so Discord are considering selling up to Micro$oft for ~$10B, an astronomical amount of dollar, how could they not want to. Well this leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Personally I never much cared for Discord anyway but it was a means to an end reaching out to other people who did use it and wanted to know more about BBSing so that I could help them transition back into the “real internet”.

This was long ago now, and communities have been built, and now it’s time for us all to move to something new, something better, something secure and best of all, away from the Micro$oft.

I have created my own Matrix server, which is fully federated with the world. This means that if you have an account on matrix.org already you can visit the rooms on my Matrix server as a “guest” and take part in conversations as though you were a local user. The only restriction I have in place is the use of the MRC bridge, this is reserved only for local users of the Matrix server as a “reward” if you will for being part of the community I am building.

If you wish to come check it out, if you already have a matrix account at matrix.org, just add matrix.erb.pw as a server to your available servers list dropdown and then head over to #general:matrix.erb.pw – if you want to create an account on my Matrix server, head over to https://riot.erb.pw right now and come say hi!