Sample Central hits #020

Well done to Cranksy, Sample Central has reached episode #020, and seriously it’s on fire. To release episode #020 Cranksy suggested that we do a “premiere” on qUantUm RaDio! with live chat in MRC, which we did for #019 also, and that worked really well. It was a great way to introduce the new episode, […]

Sample Central episode #018

Cranksy has done it again, and released a new episode to the show Sample Central. Check out the Sample Central page or request it on qUAntUm RaDio! anytime from now. Featuring news about @djh0ffman, Artist Spotlight @AndreasRohdin and a great story by @ovidem. @FlashpartyOk, #boozedrome top 3. #demoscene #podcast

New Blood

Friday, 13th March 2020 – a normal day, a normal Friday, and somehow magical. As every Friday night goes, 8pm happens and I log into my BBS, and launch MRC, as it’s time for “thE grAvY trAIn” – my turn to host a “meatup”. Off the bat, there are the usual people in here, Warmfuzzy, […]

Sample Central 014 released

Cranksy has done it again, and again, and again! Yet another fantastic release by our live-in legend. Head on over to his homage on here to listen to all the releases.

Sample Central on ArakNet Radio!

So Cranksy has been super busy over at Sample Central HQ and has completed no less than 7 episodes for us all to listen to. You can catch them at ArakNet Radio and you can also listen to them all here =) Thanks for all the hard work, Cranksy… you da man!

FidoNet here I come

So just over two weeks ago I decided to find out how I could attach my new BBS to a second message network, after I managed to get easily connected to the fsxNet (many thanks to Avon in NZ for your help here). I decided that I would go after the biggest name in EchoMail […]

Setting up my own NET/HUB

Firstly I would like to make a HUGE thank you to Alan Ianson aka Al from The Rusty MailBox over in Penticton, BC, Canada for his patience, and assistance in the task I created for myself in setting up my own HUB and NET. Now, with his help, I have got this NET working albeit […]

First Post (BBS Related)

This is the first post in the BBS Related blog.