Friday, 13th March 2020 – a normal day, a normal Friday, and somehow magical.

As every Friday night goes, 8pm happens and I log into my BBS, and launch MRC, as it’s time for “thE grAvY trAIn” – my turn to host a “meatup”.

Off the bat, there are the usual people in here, Warmfuzzy, Ktulu and cr1mson, but then, after a few minutes, out of the blue… a new person logs in. Who is this? I don’t recognise their name…….. derLotric1989.

So “d” (I will use that for now as typing their whole name right now would mean I have to fight the aftermath of a bottle of red wine) joined in the conversation, and from the get go explained that this was their first experience at BBSing. This is quite a novelty as usually people whom I meet in MRC are old hat sysops.

I explained all about BBSes, how it began, how I began in BBSing for Access Denied (an Amiga BBS) back in the 90’s, writing doors for the BBS. I explained what doors were and what they could be used for. I genuinely felt they were 100% interested.

Anyway, long story short, had a fantastic conversation with them about BBSing and stuff, and I’m hopeful that they will be back next “meatup” for more chatter, and hopefully will see more of them in the message networks once they get set up with some.

BBSing is NOT dead, it’s actually gaining in popularity, especially in the current climate of the “coronavirus”.